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Written by Věra Morávková   
Type of applicationNumberEffective dateSourceNotice/document
 Application for parallel import authorisation  23.2.2011 ISCVBM available document
 Application form for variation to a MA of MP (human and veterinary) to be used in the MRP, NP and CP (July 2013)  4. 8.2013 NTA available document
  Application for transfer of MA USKVBL/REG-1/2017 1.10.2017  ISCVBM available document
 application for CZ outgoing MR/DC procedure USKVBL/REG-1/2009 30.3.2009 ISCVBM available document
 Application for MA of VMP - Part IA USKVBL/REG-5/2008 22.12.2008 NTAavailable document
 Application for MA renewal USKVBL/REG-2/2008/Rev.1 11.4.2013 NTAavailable document
 Application for import of VMP authorised in another MS USKVBL/REG-1/2008 17.3.2008 ISCVBM available document
 Aplication for MA withdrawal   ISCVBMavailable document
 Application for classification of borderline product   ISCVBM

available document

 Certificate of medicinal product   WHOavailable document
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