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List of VMPs on the Czech market permitted based on parallel import

Product name Pharmaceutical formMarketing authorisation number Parallel import holder State from which the product is imported
 AviPro Salmonella Vac E  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/082/00-C Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 AviPro Thymovac  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/066/09-C Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 AviPro IBD  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/134/94-C/PI/500/17 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland

 Jodofoam Endofoam

  Intrauterine Foam 96/051/00-C/PI/9421/12 Noviko s.r.o. Hungary
 Poulvac IB Primer  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/685/92-C/PI/9917/13 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Duphalyte  Suspension for injection    96/535/94-C/PI/2243/14 HENRY SCHEIN s.r.o. Hungary
 Nobilis RT+IBmulti+G+ND  Emulsion for injection 97/015/00-C/PI/2460/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis IB Ma5  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/072/91-S/C/PI/501/17 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis ND Clone 30  Lyophilisate 97/067/91-S/C/PI/502/17 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Poulvac IB Primer  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/685/92-C/PI/7237/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Hungary
 Nobilis Ma5 + Clone 30  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/068/31-S/C/PI/14323/14  Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis Reo 1133  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/207/95-C/PI/14320/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis Reo  Emulsion for injection 97/054/95-C/PI/462/15 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis Rhino CV   Lyophilisate for suspension 97/019/05-C/PI/14321/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Paracox   Suspension 97/1186/97-C/PI/14322/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Malaseb   Shampoo 96/040/10-C/PI/12075/15 HENRY SCHEIN s.r.o. France
 Nobilis RT+IBmulti+G+ND  Emulsion for injection 97/015/00-C/PI/10147/15 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Cevac ND-IB-EDS K  Emulsion for injection 97/092/03-C/PI/3651/16 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Nobilis Salenvac T  Suspension for injection 97/129/04-C/PI/5667/13 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland
 Poulvac IB QX  Lyophilisate for suspension 97/014/13-C/PI/10364/14 Farmavet s.r.o. Poland



Download this file (646_JODOFOAM.doc)Jodofoam Endofoam[Souběžný dovoz]46 Kb
Download this file (764_PI_ Nobilis RT + IBmulti + G + ND 11.6.2014_soub_dovoz.doc)Nobilis RT+IBmulti+G+ND_PI[Souběžný dovoz]58 Kb
Download this file (880_PI_ Nobilis RT + IBmulti + G + ND.doc)Nobilis RT+IBmulti+G+ND_PI[Souběžný dovoz]58 Kb
Download this file (881_PI=obal MALASEB.doc)Malaseb_PI=obal[Souběžný dovoz]37 Kb
Download this file (Apsamix colistina_PI.doc)Apsamix colistina_PI[Souběžný dovoz]61 Kb
Download this file (AviPro IBD PIL - 22.2.2017 2.doc)AviPro IBD - PI[Souběžný dovoz]55 Kb
Download this file (AviPro Salmonella Vac E - PI.doc)AviPro Samonella Vac E - SPC [Souběžný dovoz]70 Kb
Download this file (AviPro Thymovac_ PI.doc)AviPro Thymovac_ PI.doc[Souběžný dovoz]91 Kb
Download this file (CEVAC ND - IB - EDS K - PI_.doc)Cevac ND-IB-EDS K_PI[Souběžný dovoz]43 Kb
Download this file (Duphalyte_polepka_PI_etiketa.pdf)Duphalyte_polepka_PI_etiketa.pdf[Souběžný dovoz]61 Kb
Download this file (Gallivac - návrh PI.doc)Gallivac IB88 Neo_PI[Souběžný dovoz]42 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis IB Ma5 PIL 2.3.2017.doc)Nobilis IB Ma5 - PI[Souběžný dovoz]58 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis MA5 + clone 30_PI.doc)Nobilis MA5 + clone 30_PI.doc[Souběžný dovoz]57 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis ND Clone 30 PIL 2.3.2017.doc)Nobilis ND Clone - PI[Souběžný dovoz]47 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis Reo 1133_PI.doc)Nobilis Reo 1133_PI.doc[Souběžný dovoz]41 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis REO inac_PI.doc)Nobilis REO inac_PI.doc[Souběžný dovoz]42 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis Rhino CV _PI.doc)Nobilis Rhino CV _PI.doc[Souběžný dovoz]42 Kb
Download this file (Nobilis Salenvac T - PI 2013.doc)Nobilis Salenvac T - PI[Souběžný dovoz]85 Kb
Download this file (Paracox_PI.doc)Paracox_PI[Souběžný dovoz]81 Kb
Download this file (PI_ Poulvac IB QX_2_2.doc)Poulvac IB QX - PI[Souběžný dovoz]46 Kb
Download this file (PI_POULVAC IB PRIMER.doc)Poulvac IB Primer_PI[Souběžný dovoz]70 Kb
Download this file (Poulvac Bursine 2_PI.doc)Poulvac Bursine 2_PI[Souběžný dovoz]45 Kb
Download this file (Salmovac -návrh PIL ČR.doc)Salmovac 440_PI[Souběžný dovoz]62 Kb
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