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Product name: Terralon LA 20 %
Active substance: Oxytetracyclinum
Target tribe: kozy, prasata, ovce, skot
Drug form: Injekční roztok
Registration date: 9. 9. 1994
Registration number: 96/975/94-C
Verdict holder: Virbac SA
1.avenue-L.I.D. -2065m
Carros 06516
Phone: 033 492 087 347, Fax:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ATC vet. code: QJ01AA06 - Oxytetracycline
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Tetracyclines
Narcotics: NO
Indication restriction: NO
Withdrawal period: ovce maso 22.0 d. ovce mléko 168.0 h. prasata maso 32.0 d. skot maso 37.0 d. skot mléko 168.0 h.
Procedure type: National

Table of active package codes

Package codeSizePackage typeMaterialIdentification codeEU numberIssue
99695361 x 100 mllahvičkasklo--Na předpis