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Product name: Eurican L4
Active substance: Leptospira interrogans, SG Canicola, SV Canicola, 16070, Inactivated, Leptospira interrogans, SG Icterohaemorrhagiae, SV Icterohaemorrhagiae, 16069, Inactivated, Leptospira interrogans, SG Grippotyphosa, SV Grippotyphosa, Grippo Mal 1540, Inactivated, Leptospira interrogans, SG Australis, SV Bratislava, 16785, Inactivated
Target tribe: psi
Drug form: Injekční suspenze
Registration date: 31. 3. 2023
Registration number: EU/2/23/293/001-002
Verdict holder: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, GmbH
Binger Strasse 173
Ingelheim am Rhein 55216
Phone: , Fax:
ATC vet. code: QI07AB - Leptospira vaccine
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Inactivated bacterial vaccines (including Mycoplasma, Toxoid and Chlamydia vaccines)
Narcotics: NO
Indication restriction: NO
Withdrawal period:
Procedure type: Centralised

Table of active package codes

Package codeSizePackage typeMaterialIdentification codeEU numberIssue
991024810 x 1 mlinjekční lahvičkasklo--Na předpis
991024950 x 1 mlinjekční lahvičkasklo--Na předpis