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Product name: Versican Plus Pi+L4R
Active substance: Canine parainfluenza virus 2, strain CPiV-2-Bio 15, Live, Leptospira interrogans, SG Icterohaemorrhagiae, SV Icterohaemorrhagiae, MSLB 1089, Inactivated, Leptospira interrogans, SG Canicola, SV Canicola, MSLB 1090, Inactivated, Leptospira kirschneri, SG Grippotyphosa, SV Grippotyphosa, MSLB 1091, Inactivated, Leptospira interrogans, SG Australis, SV Bratislava, MSLB 1088, Inactivated, Rabies virus, strain SAD Vnukovo-32, Inactivated
Target tribe: psi
Drug form: Lyofilizát a rozpouštědlo pro injekční suspenzi
Registration date: 31. 7. 2014
Registration number: EU/2/14/173
Verdict holder: Zoetis Belgium SA
Rue Laid Burniat 1
Louvain-la-NEuve 1348
Phone: +420 731 532 736, Fax: +420 251 610 270
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ATC vet. code: QI07A - Live and inactivated viral and bacterial vaccines
Pharmacotherapeutic group: DOG
Narcotics: NO
Indication restriction: NO
Withdrawal period:
Procedure type: Centralised

Table of active package codes

Package codeSizePackage typeMaterialIdentification codeEU numberIssue
990383325 x 1 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis
990383450 x 1 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis