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Product name: Syvac Ery/Parvo
Active substance: Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, serotype 2, strain SE-9, Inactivated, Porcine parvovirus, strain PVP-7, Inactivated
Target tribe: prasata
Drug form: Injekční emulze
Registration date: 8. 9. 2022
Registration number: 97/033/22-C
Verdict holder: Laboratorios SYVA, S.A.
C/Marqués de la Ensenada, 16
Madrid 28004
Phone: , Fax:
ATC vet. code: QI09AL - Porcine parvovirus + Erysipelothrix
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Inactivated viral and inactivated bacterial vaccines
Narcotics: NO
Indication restriction: NO
Withdrawal period: prasata
maso: 0 d.
Procedure type: Decentralised

Table of active package codes

Package codeSizePackage typeMaterialIdentification codeEU numberIssue
99099391 x 50 mlinjekční lahvičkaplast (PP)--Na předpis
99099401 x 100 mlinjekční lahvičkaplast (PP)--Na předpis